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Terms & conditions

By Multi reserves the right to cancel orders, to change prices and to change product types being sold, without notice. Orders can be confirmed by phone.

Kt. 501014-1090
Email: multibymulti@gmail.com
Gnoðarvogur 68, 104 Reykjavík.
Phone: 7722842
Website: bymulti.com
Vsk nr: 118783

Product delivery
All orders are processed the next working day. If the product is not available or on stock, a service representative will be in contact with you and announce an estimated delivery time. All orders are delivered with Íslandspóstur and their delivery, transportation and insurance terms apply to the delivery. By Multi is thereby not responsible for damage during delivery. The buyer is responsible for damage during transportation from Íslandspóstur to the buyer.

Delivery time is based on 2-7 working days for delivery in Iceland and 7-21 days to others counties, after order is received and payment has taken place.

Cancellation right / right to return and refund
The buyer has 14 days to cancel a purchase, as long as he has not used the product and the product is returned in unopened packages and in good order. If the product was in sealed packages, the seal must not be broken. The cancellation period starts when the product has been delivered to the receiver. The invoice for the product has to be included in the return. Refund is made in full if the above conditions are met and after the product has been returned. Delivery charges are not refunded. Please contact  By Multi for questions.

Please notice that the price on the internet can change without notice. All prices are shown in ISK.

Taxes and fees
All prices on the website are including VAT and invoices are issued with VAT.

The seller holds all information from the buyer in relation to the purchase as confidential. Under no circumstances will information be handed to a third party, unless it’s necessary for delivery information.

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Please contact us at bymulti@bymulti.com if you want us to delete all your personal data.